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Pesäpallo World Cup

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When it all began. The first Pesäpallo World Cup tournament took place in Helsinki 1992.

Pesäpallo in Switzerland

Get to know Swiss pesäpallo community.

Pesäpallo in India (videos)

India was the first country in Asia to host Pesäpallo World Cup.

Pesäpallo in Australia

Gold Coast in Australia hosted Pesäpallo World Cup 2012.

Boston Globe: Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask tells about pesäpallo

Pesäpallo is a national sport of Finland.

Photo gallery: Pesäpallo World Cup 2017

Photos by Teemu Kekola.

Pesäpallo World Cup 2023, Hyvinkää, Finland

11th Pesäpallo World Cup tournament will take place in Hyvinkää, Finland from July 26 to 30.

Welcome to Hyvinkää!

Hyvinkää is a city full of events with some 47,000 inhabitants, located in Uusimaa, Finland. More information about the city and its activities is found at

Opening and closing ceremonies

Opening ceremony will take place at Pihkala stadium on Wednesday together with women’s Superpesis game Hyvinkään Tahko vs Kempeleen Kiri.

The closing ceremony including distribution of prizes and honoring the medalists will take place in Hotel Sveitsi on Saturday. If you have not signed up for the event, please contact Antti Kallio, antti.kallio(ät)

Tournament pass

Official location of social evenings is Kulttuuriterassi Hyvinkää.

All the participants will get a tournament pass for free. Special offers at Kulttuuriterassi apply by showing the pass when making orders.


Men: Australia (AUS); Estonia (EST); Finland (FIN); Germany (GER); Switzerland (SUI)
Women: Australia (AUS); Finland (FIN); Switzerland (SUI)

Mixed teams, group A: Canada (CAN); Finland (FIN); Sweden (SWE); Switzerland 2 (SUI 2)
Mixed teams, group B: Australia (AUS); Germany (GER); Switzerland 1 (SUI 1)

Participation pending: Bangladesh (BAN); India (IND); Nepal (NEP)

Tournament program

Wednesday July 26th
Opening ceremony (Hyvinkään Tahko vs. Kempeleen Kiri, women’s Superpesis game)

Thursday July 27th
Some games in Riihimäki

Saturday July 29th
Closing ceremony

Sunday July 30th
Hyvinkään Tahko vs. Vimpelin Veto, men’s Superpesis game

August 4 to 6
Itä-Länsi All Stars event, Sotkamo, Finland –
Get your tickets via Ticketmaster

Structure of the tournament


Four (4) group stage games for each team

The winner of the group stage straight to the final
Semifinal (R2-R3)
Qualification to the bronze game (R4-R5)

Bronze medal game (R2/R3-R4/R5)
Final game (R1-R2/R3)


Four (4) group stage games for each team
Final game

Mixed teams

Group A (3 games for each team) and group B (2 games for each team)

Quarter finals: A1/B1-A4, A2-B3 and B2-A3

Semifinals A1/B1-Q4 and Q2-Q3
Ranking games 5-7 (2 games for each team)
Bronze medal game
Final game

Duration of the games

All games: 50 minutes (game ends immediately when the team with the lower score has no more offensive half-innings available).

A winning team gets two points. When tied, both teams get one point.

Rankings when points are even

1) Games won / game
2) Head-to-head game
3) Scores run / given in the head-to-head game
4) Scores run in the head-to-head game
5) Scores run / given
6) Scores run
7) Draw

Tournament rules

Official pesäpallo rules apply for all tournament games.

Mixed teams: 4 female players in the team and a female pitcher is recommended. If a team does not fulfill the recommendation, opposing team has the same rules.

Fixtures (last changes 28.7. at 16:22)

Competition Date Home team Away team Time More information Field
Men 26.7. AUS SUI 10:30   Pihkala 1
Mixed 26.7. GER SUI 1 11:30   Pihkala 1
Women 26.7. SUI AUS 12:30   Pihkala 2
Mixed 26.7. CAN FIN 13:30   Pihkala 1
Mixed 26.7. AUS GER 14:30   Pihkala 2
Mixed 26.7. SUI 2 SWE 15:30   Pihkala 1
Mixed 27.7. SWE FIN 8:30   Pihkala 1
Mixed 27.7. SUI 1 AUS 9:30   Pihkala 2
Men 27.7. AUS EST 10:30   Pihkala 1
Mixed 27.7. SUI 2 CAN 11:30   Pihkala 1
Women 27.7. AUS FIN 12:30   Pihkala 2
Men 27.7. SUI EST 13:30   Pihkala 1
Men 27.7. FIN GER 14:30   Pihkala 1
Mixed 27.7. CAN SWE 15:30   Pihkala 2
Women 27.7. FIN SUI 15:00   Peltosaari
Men 27.7. EST FIN 16:00   Peltosaari
Men 27.7. GER SUI 17:00   Peltosaari
Men 27.7. FIN AUS 18:00   Peltosaari
Mixed 27.7. FIN SUI 2 19:00   Peltosaari
Men 28.7. SUI FIN 8:30   Pihkala
Mixed, quarter final 28.7. SWE SUI 1 9:30   Pihkala
Tahko Superpesis Men’s training     10:30    
Men 28.7. GER AUS 11:00   Pihkala
Women 28.7. SUI FIN 12:00   Pihkala
Mixed, quarter final 28.7. AUS CAN 13:00   Pihkala
Mixed, quarter final 28.7. GER SUI 2 14:00   Pihkala
Women 28.7. AUS SUI 15:00   Pihkala
Men, semifinal 28.7. FIN SUI 16:00   Pihkala
Men, semifinal 28.7. AUS GER 17:00   Pihkala
Women 28.7. FIN AUS 18:00   Pihkala
Mixed, semifinal 28.7. FIN AUS 19:00   Pihkala
Mixed, 5-7 29.7. SUI 2 SUI 1 8.30   Martti
Mixed, semifinal 29.7. GER SWE 9.30   Pihkala
Mixed, 5-7 29.7. CAN SUI 2 9:30   Martti
Mixed, 5-7 29.7. SUI 1 CAN 10:30   Martti
Mixed 29.7. Bronze game   11:00   Pihkala
Men 29.7. Bronze game   12:00   Pihkala
Mixed 29.7. Final game   13:00   Pihkala
Women 29.7. Final game   14:15   Pihkala
Men 29.7. Final game   15:30   Pihkala

All right reserved. Changes to the schedule are possible.


 We recommend all the participants to have sports cover for World Cup games. Our partner Pohjola Insurance has also options available. ’Non-competitive licence’ costs 54 € and is valid at World Cup.

 Check out more information (pdf) about compensations and get the insurance at

Official tournament hotel and stadiums

Official tournament accommodation is at Hotel Sveitsi. Breakfast, wi-fi and access to the swimming pool area are included in the accommodation prices.

Main field of World Cup 2023 matches is Pihkala Pesäpallo Stadium. Some games are played at Peltosaari pesäpallo field in Riihimäki and Martti pesäpallo field in Hyvinkää.


Many tournament locations are within walking or cycling distance. Walk, ride a bicycle, rent a scooter or take a train from one place to another.

There are very good train connections from Hyvinkää via Riihimäki to Tampere and to Helsinki. Check out the connections at

Former Pesäpallo World Cup events

1992 Helsinki (Kaisaniemi), Finland
1997 Hyvinkää, Finland
2000 Melbourne, Australia
2003 Södertälje, Sweden
2006 Munich, Germany
2009 Pori, Finland
2012 Gold Coast, Australia
2015 Lucerne, Switzerland
2017 Turku, Finland
2019 Pune, India
2023 Hyvinkää, Finland

The World Cup tournament of pesäpallo was planned to be played in Finland 2022. However, the tournament had to be postponed until 2023 because of uncertainties related to Covid-19 pandemic and global travelling restrictions.