India ja The United States participated in their first Pesäpallo World Cup in Turku, Finland 2017. Two years later the tournament was played in Pune, India with new participating countries Bangladesh and Nepal.

– Finnish national game pesäpallo has nowadays even stronger international dimension. The decision was made to postpone next World Cup tournament until 2023 based on questionnaire sent to the teams. There are still some uncertainties related to intercontinental travelling and travel plans should have been made in good time. Our wish is to make participating to the World Cup tournament possible to all teams, says Antti Kallio from Finnish Pesäpallo Association.

– Team Australia has participated in all 10 tournaments starting from Helsinki 1992. It would really be a pity, if they were left out now because of travel restrictions, Kallio adds.

Finnish national game pesäpallo celebrates its 100th years anniversary next year. The World Cup tournament in 2023 will be part of the festivities.