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Pesäpallo World Cup

Pesäpallo World Cup

The World Cup tournament of pesäpallo was planned to be played in Finland 2022. However, the tournament will be postponed until 2023 because of uncertainties related to Covid-19 pandemic and global travelling restrictions.

Finnish national game pesäpallo celebrates its 100th years anniversary this year. The World Cup tournament in 2023 will be part of the festivities.

10th Pesäpallo World Cup, 26th – 30th Nov 2019, Pune, India

The Pesäpallo World Cup will be organized for the first time in the “incredible” India. The location of the tournament, Pune, is considered to be the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra (“Oxford of the East”). Even though the urban area has an estimated population of over 5 million people the city is surprisingly clean & green and the traffic is not bad when compared to some other large Indian cities. The weather in Pune at the end of November should be great for pesäpallo with temperatures around 30°C (daily high) and no rain at all.

Pune has its own international airport and the larger Mumbai airport is 3-4 hours away by car (cost for a taxi to Pune about 50 euros). For the convenience it’s recommended to fly to Pune (transfer via Delhi for example) since the airport is only 15-25 minutes from the city center.

The tournament will start on Tuesday but there’s a possibility to organize practice games on Monday and few fields will be available for general practice. It is recommended that all participants arrive to Pune by Monday evening (Nov 25th). The final games will be played on Saturday Nov 30th.

When travelling to India most nationalities need a visa. An Indian visa can be obtained online or by delivering the passport to an embassy after filling the electronic application. The current cost is 98 euros for EU-nationals.

The preferred pesäpallo grounds are near the center of Pune (map links provided below) – some only a walking distance apart from each other. For transfer in the city the use of taxis and auto rickshaws (tuk-tuks) is the easiest way. A oneway trip with 3-4 passengers will cost only 1-4 euros. For those willing to test their courage along with driving and navigation skills in the Indian traffic, scooters are available for rent (international driving license needed). The speeds in the city are relatively low but the overall flow of the traffic might seem chaotic and drivers have to be 100% concentrated all the time. There’s a backup location with three possible grounds about 15 km outside the central Pune but transfer to there and back should not be a problem if we have to play there on some days. Most of the grounds are even and spacious sand fields with few grass fields also available in the backup location.

A list of the preferred grounds:

The tournament fee of 100 euros per participant will include all the ground fees, an opening ceremony on Tuesday, a get-together party on Thursday and closing ceremony on Saturday. Food and non-alcoholic beverages in these events are included in the fee. The sale of water and possibly other beverages and snacks will be organized on the grounds.

It’s very likely that we shall have a new record in number of attending countries. India, Finland, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, USA(?) and Germany(?) will hopefully all be presented again but as new participants Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Romania will probably join the World Cup family too.

Pune has a lot of hotels available in different price categories. Teams are free to choose hotels by their own preference but each should consider the location of the grounds when making the decision. High quality hotels with swimming pools are available for the prices below 100 euros per night for two persons including breakfast. There are more affordable options too but it’s recommended to pay some extra for the comfort, cleanliness, safety, great service and location.

Here’s a list of preferred hotels in the higher price category:

Here’s a list of preferred hotels in the moderate price category:

When visiting India for the World Cup we’d also recommend a visit to some other places during the same trip. Many will fly via Delhi so a 1-2 day stop there is an easy way to visit this huge metropol – however the air quality there can be really bad in November too. Cleaner and more laid back locations would be Goa or the beach resorts like Varkala in the Southern state of Kerala. Both are only a short flight away from Pune and offer early season benefits, clear skies and warm seawater. The price of internal flights in India is quite low – flights to Goa (PNQ-GOI-DEL) for example could only cost 90-150 euros. For internal flights there are multiple operators, for example Jet Airways, IndiGo and Air India can be recommended.

Team registration form as well as the application form for the team Finland are now open. Please do not hesitate to contact Jussi if there are any questions right now.

Looking forward in meeting you all in Pune,

Jussi Pyysalo | +358 400 789328 ‭| jussi(ät)

Chetan Pagawad | +91 90298 12858 |  chetansport(ät)

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