Match schedule


ThursdayKupittaa AKupittaa CNaantali
10.30FIN/E-AUS (men)SUI-GER (mixed) 
12.00IND-EST (men)  
13.30FIN/W-GER (men)IND-FIN (mixed) 
15.00SUI-USA (men)  
15.30  AUS-FIN (women)
FridayMynämäki AMynämäki B 
10.00AUS-SUI (mixed)FIN-GER (mixed) 
11.15EST-FIN E (men)  
12:30GER-IND (mixed)  
13.45FIN/W-SUI (men)  
15.00FIN-AUS (mixed)  
FridayKupittaa AKupittaa B 
17.15GER-USA (men)FIN-IND (women) 
18.30AUS-IND (men)  
SaturdayKupittaa AKupittaa BKupittaa C
10.00FIN/E-IND (men)SUI-GER (men)IND-AUS (women)
11:30AUS-EST (men)USA-FIN/W (men) 
13:00IND-AUS (mixed) SUI-FIN (mixed)
16.30SUI-IND (mixed)  
18.00AUS-GER (mixed)  
SundayKupittaa AKupittaa BKupittaa C
10.00Semifinal 1 (men)Semifinal 2 (men) 
12.00Final (mixed)5-6 (men)Bronze game (mixed)
14.00Final (women)7-8 (men)5 (mixed)
16.00Final (men)Bronze game (men) 

All times and locations are subject to change.

Artificial grass fields

Kupittaa A, Lemminkäisenkatu 11. 20520 Turku (map)
Mynämäki A, Urheilutie 6, 23100 Mynämäki (map)
Naantali, Rimpikuja, 21110 Naantali (map)

Sand fields

Kupittaa B, Lemminkäisenkatu 11. 20520 Turku (map)
Kupittaa C, Lemminkäisenkatu 11. 20520 Turku (map)
Mynämäki B, Urheilutie 6, 23100 Mynämäki (map)

Tournament structure


Qualification groups A and B.
Semifinals A1-B2 and B1-A2.
Final game, bronze game and ranking games on Sunday.

Exception: Only a team from one country is allowed to the semifinals. In case Finland East and Finland West are among two best teams in their groups extra games will be played on Saturday at 14.30: FIN/E-FIN/W and A3-B3.


All teams play against each other.
Final game on Sunday.

Mixed teams

All teams play against each other.
Final game, bronze game and ranking game on Sunday.

Duration of the games

Qualification games: 60 minutes (game ends immediately when the team with the lower score has no more offensive half-innings available).

A winning team gets two points.

Final game, bronze game, ranking games and semifinals: 3+3 innings and the scoring contest if necessary.

(The end half of the 4th inning is not played if the team coming in has already won the period. If a team playing the end half of 4th scores a winning run, the period ends. Other runs scored on the same play are valid.)

Rankings when points are even

1) Games won
2) Head-to-head game
3) Scores run/given
4) Scores run
5) Draw


Men, group A

Australia (AUS)
Estonia (EST)
Finland East (FIN/E)
India (IND)

Men, group B

Finland West (FIN/W)
Germany (GER)
Switzerland (SUI)
United States (USA)


Australia (AUS)
Finland (FIN)
India (IND)


Australia (AUS)
Finland (FIN)
Germany (GER)
India (IND)
Switzerland (SUI)